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Our Custom Solutions allow more to be done to meet your business needs. 

Just present your technology requirements to us and we can provide you the needed consultancy and implementation work needed to get you on the right track from start to successful deployment.

 Customize forms for all your business needs.
(Advisory Forms, Shipping Order Forms, credit application forms, etc)
 Design and Develop management systems 
(Project Management Systems, Seminar/Event Management Systems, Booking Management Systems, Order Management Systems, etc.)
 Integration with your existing computer information systems.

(Integration to Sales Order System, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Online Reporting, Cash Payments, etc)
 Online Enquiry Systems for internet, intranet or extranet usage
(Internal systems for company training, vendor training, password protected systems, online etc)

Singapore SMEs who qualify can apply for the SPRING Singapore LETAS E-Commerce Implementation Consultancy Grant
. More Info....

Please contact us at (065) 6-7475665 for more details.

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