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A GoDirect! address is a virtual web address within When you register as a Silver, Gold or Platinum Corporate member with, you will be allowed to select your own GoDirect! address which can be printed on your business card to be distributed to all your customers.

For Example, if your company name is ISE Pte Ltd, you can have a GoDirect! address called ISE. With this GoDirect! address, your customers can visit your website directly by typing the address as Although you may select any GoDirect! address on a first-come-first-serve basis, you are advised not to use any name that will be considered an infringement of the other company's TradeMark. We reserve the right to change your GoDirect! address or terminate the service should there be complaint from the copyrighted owners.

An added advantage with this GoDirect! address is that visitors all over the world visiting can log into your business website without knowing your Web address. They just have to enter your name on the GoDirect! text box on the home page. This will increase your sales opportunity with any potential customers globally.

Please contact us at (065) 6-7475665 for more details.

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