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SPRING Singapore (formerly the Productivity and Standards Board - PSB) has developed a package of assistance programmes to help SMEs in their e-commerce journey. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible a company must satisfy the following criteria:

  • It must have at least 30% local shareholdings (Singaporean or Singapore PR).
  • Its fixed assets (at net book value) must not exceed S$15 million.
  • If it is in the service industry, the employment size must not exceed 200 workers.

Scope of Assistance

  • Generally assistance provided is up to 50% of cost of engaging external expert for an approved short-term assignment depending on the scope, depth and effectiveness of the assignment.

  • Areas of assistance that may be supported :

    • Identification and solving of technical problems

    • Technical improvements to present operations or process

    • Mechanisation, automation or computerisation of operations or processes

    • Quality management systems

    • Business development

    • Financial development

    • Market development

    • Computerisation and management information

    • Human resource management

    • Product development

    • Franchise feasibility study and development

An external expert is defined as a qualified and experienced person not in the employment or remuneration of the applicant company. This person shall not be related to or be in the employment or remuneration of a joint-venture partner, an affiliated company or a principal in a trading/agency relationship with the company. The external expert can be recruited internationally or locally.

All application for LETAS assistance should be made on the prescribed form fully completed and received by SPRING Singapore or the relevant AIP agency before the commencement of the assignment. Applications received after the commencement of the assignment will be rejected.

All applications must be accompanied by the following documents :

1) LETAS application form fully completed
2) Copy of ROCB
3) Copy of latest Financial Statements
4) Consultancy Project Proposal
5) Consultant's CV

Information Technology (IT) Projects

With effect from 1 April 2001, the administration of the Local Enterprise Computerisation Programme (LECP) has been transferred from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) to SPRING Singapore. The LECP and Jumpstart Programme would also cease to exist with effect from 1 June 2002 to be replaced by the following :

  • IT Feasibility Study includes: fact finding, define and document user's requirements, shortlist computer vendors and prepare Request for Proposal (RFP), evaluate and recommend hardware and software, develop implementation plan.
  • IT Implementation Consultancy includes: initial fact finding, define and document user's requirement, initial project schedule planning, project monitoring and control, procedure streamlining and formalisation, assistance in data conversion, plan and conduct user acceptance test, parallel run assistance, plan for post-implementation review.
  • IT E-Commerce Consultancy includes: initial project requirement investigations, project specification & design, project development and implement, user acceptance test, post-implementation & review.

Eligible local enterprises can obtain assistance under LETAS to defray the cost of engaging qualified and reputable IT consultants for their computerisation project in the above areas.

All applications should be made on the LETAS application form together with a copy of the consultancy proposal. (Please download the appropriate consultancy proposal format). All applications must be received by SPRING Singapore at least one working day before the commencement of assignment. Late applications will be rejected.

Application Procedure

Companies that are keen to apply for the LETAS E-Commerce Consultancy Programme should do so using the LETAS application form obtainable from:

SPRING Singapore
Enterprise Development Fund (EDF) Secretariat
2 Bukit Merah Central #16-01
Singapore 159835

You can make a request for the LETAS forms online. 
Click Here

Other documents to submit include:
1) Copy of ROCB
2) Copy of latest Financial Statement
3) Consultant Project Proposal (including CV) 

Applications should be sent to the same address.


What is the procedure for applying the Jumpstart Programme?

  • Applicant determines whether it is eligible for the programme.
  • Applicant sources for e-commerce solution provider(s) and/or consultant.
  • Applicant works with the lead consultant on the project proposal according to the standard framework.
  • Lead consultant submits application form, project proposal and all supporting documents to:
    SPRING Singapore
    Enterprise Development Fund Secretariat 
    2 Bukit Merah Central
    Singapore 159835
  • SPRING Singapore officer reviews proposal, gets back to the lead consultant and states the supportable components and requirements.
  • SPRING Singapore approves application and sends Letter of Offer to the applicant and lead consultant. The Letter of Offer will state the support level.
  • Applicant begins e-commerce implementation project within 1 month from receiving the Letter of Offer.
  • If applicant wishes to withdraw the application, a letter must be submitted to the programme administrator.
  • Applicant pays solution provider(s) and/or consultant upon completion of project.
  • Applicant submits claim form, invoices, receipts of payment, and full consultancy report (to be completed by lead consultant) to SPRING Singapore within 1 year from project completion.
  • SPRING Singapore reimburses supportable claim amount to the applicant.

What are the necessary documents that I would for an application?

  • LETAS (Local Enterprise Technical Assistance Scheme) application form
  • Project proposal (according to the framework stipulated by SPRING Singapore, framework can be downloaded from SPRING Singapore website)
  • Original ROCB certificate
  • Certified true copy of the latest financial statements
  • Original signed declaration letter (if company is a new set-up)
  • Certified true copy of the signed Service Level Agreement between the applicant and the ASP (if any)

Note : All information presented is obtained from the SPRING Singapore Site at Terms and Conditions vary and are subject to change without prior notice. We will not be held liable for any information on the assistance programs that are offered by SPRING Singapore. Integrated Software Engineering is not in anyway related to SPRING Singapore. This information presented is for information purpose only. 

Integrated Software Engineering is a member of the Singapore Information Technology Federation (SITF) and the Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC). Hence we will be able to help you to apply for a grant for the consultancy and implementation work for your e-business internet site.

Please contact us at (065) 6-7475665 for more details.

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